Direction : Driving from Bangkok along motorway no. 21 km. 77 (Bangkok-Petchaboon-Lomsak), passing Saraburi, Phu Khae Junction, Manaowwaan, Muongkhom junction, Clock Tower juction at Lumnarai market and then heading to the resort which is 5 km. far away. The resort is located on the left side close to Khao Prang Temple. The total distance from Bangkok to the resort is approximately 190 km. 



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Travel Information

Pa Sak Jolasid Dam

Phra Prang Sam Yod

Situated at Thahin district, Amphur Muang, Lopburi Province on western area of the railway station nearby Prakarn Shrine. The Stupa is built in the classic Bayon style of Khmer architecture, the compound comprises three prangs (towers) linked by a corridor. The three laterite and sandstone spires decorated with classic stucco for the Buddha Image of the Narai's reign.


Srithep Historical Park

Srithep City is far from the downtown of Petchboon approximately for 107 kilometers and far from Amphur Vichienburi for about 25 kilometers. Si Thep Ancient Town is surrounded by a moat and a mound, covering an area of 2,889 rai. It is divided into 2 parts; namely, the inner town and the outer one. The inner town covers an area of 1,300 rai. Its shape is nearly a circle with a diameter of 1.5 kilometres with 6 entrances. The compound of the town is an undulating plain with ponds and swamps scattered around the area. There has been a discovery of more than 70 ancient remains. Some have been excavated and renovated. The outer town covers an area of 1,589 rai in a rectangular shape, connecting to the inner one. It is double the size of the inner one with 6 entrances, as well as, ponds and remains scattered within the compound.


Wang Kan Lueng Waterfall

Situated in Moo4 Tumbol Thadindam. The Waterfall is full of water throughout the year because the source of water comes from the underground located in the East away from the Waterfall about 1.5 kilometers.
Travelling: Driving along Lopburi-Kokesamroang Road (Hideway no.1) and going straight to Kokesamroang-Chaibadarn Road (Hideway no. 205) until reaching to Hideway no. 21. Then driving along Hideway no. 2089 to Amphur Tha Luang for about 12 kilometers. After that, turn left to the Waterfall and driving for 7 kilometers to Wang Kan Leung Waterfall which is on the left.