shabu buffet 229.-

Chill in garden New year 2018

Ghill in Garden New Year Party 2018.

To countdown the New Year Gala-sufficient. Play Pong with forest activities / Color match paint cans / shows / movies, chill out in the garden / reward premium from BETAGRO / visitor center to learn sufficiency. To share knowledge to be applied. / With a menu of food items and more than 30 other nations put together Supplementary been blessed on January 1, 2561.

Rates are inclusive party activities

       Deluxe Room 4,000 / Mountain view 3,600 / Lakeside villa 3,500.

       Bungalow A 3,400 / Bungalow B 3,200.

Price includes: Dinner Party 2 / Competition painted milk cans /Activity balloon redemption / activities boating / biking / swimming pool /.Raffle to win a premium of more BETAGRO / activities, visit the Center for a knowledge-Sufficiency /.

Big events (Can be brought alms to monks who set themselves or resort just 50.- per set).

Extra bed + ABF 500 /person    ** Dinner party for adult   800.-/person    

                                                        Dinner party for Children aged 5-10 years.    400.-/person

   Tel. (66) 036-792441,(66) 0818060390  Line : @pasakhillside 


pasak cafe

Wild Cafe Chew front corner of the Pasak Hillside Resort. Drinks, snacks, sausage, ham, chicken, fresh from the factory BETAGRO.

Located on Highway 21 next to his cave pagoda.

Open daily from 07.00- 19.00.


Like face discount room

Vegetarian festival

The new restaurant pasakhillsideresort

MOM day


Promotion Special room

Greenhotel - Pasak hillside resort

Pasak hillside resort  Greenhotel Gold lavel.