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Waste management and campaigning

From the spam problem, there are plenty more every day. Lack of knowledge The attention to sorting garbage and litter is not. Make waste management easier And mixed by environmentalists Thus initiating the recycling bank at the Pasak Hillside Resort. Highlighted some wild employees have knowledge and understanding of waste and redeem rewards as well.


• conscience and make a habit of sorting garbage for employees to add value to waste.

• push for waste management of the resort to the Zero Waste to landfill.


                       กิจกรรมส่งเสริม การบริหารและการจัดการขยะ







Effective water management

  • Water use policy is reduced by 10% from 2016 (Target >> 27.98 liters / person / day).
  • Install water meter Cover all areas that are used.
  • Check for pipeline leakage points. And daily water storage. Follow up at the green hotel.
  • Technology education. To reduce the use of water and choose the standard equipment and save water, such as the toilet flush.
  • Have internal training and external study to create awareness. And improve water use.



The engagement with the local community.

1. Local community and environmental sustainability. Or conservation and restoration of natural resources

2. The participation and support of local activities. Community and local history Arts and culture or tradition Or local identity

1) meet community leaders, village headmen in the district lamnarai settlement. Clairvoyant stone and district events dedicated to the music with the community.

2) participate in reforestation Thoet honor of Mother's Day in the District.

3) participate in sporting tradition parish settlement lamnarai.

4) Joint Events in the Elderly Day DOA. The settlement lamnarai

3. disseminate the philosophy of sufficiency of the King. To be applied in everyday life.

4. goods coming County School for the Blind. Available at stores Demonstration Center of Learning and resorts.








Human Resources Development


1. Advocates Forum for Employees In energy savings To encourage employees to use in everyday life.

2. cooperation with the Ministry of Energy Lopburi exhibition of energy conservation. And educate employees

3. Management staff Describe and understand the value of being environmentally friendly.

4. Morning talk Invite employees to exercise and education about safety in the workplace.


1. Press and inviting customers to participate in environmental protection.

1.1 Offering harmonious activity To build roads Cave landscape and his church.

1.2 Children's Day at the Farm School of Science campaign brings awareness to children how to separate waste and protect the environment.

1.3 exhibitions and a forum to educate the public about energy conservation. . Customers


The procurement of environmentally-friendly.

1. replacement electronics And materials that are environmentally friendly. The products are based on facts or green labeling of products related to the environment.

2. The device material waste recycled to reduce waste.

3. To promote community residents Products made from natural ingredients such as liquid dishwashing soap, shampoo, conditioner.

4. The selection and purchase of products or materials obtained locally. Instead of going to the mall to buy a long distance.

5. Reduce the use of plastic bags by purchasing fresh vegetables and fruit from local stores. By switching to Plastic crates for packaging instead of plastic bags.


Environmental and Energy Management

  • It has a policy to reduce energy use per user by 5% from 2016 (Target >> 58.52 kWh / person).
  • Install additional sub-meters in places where power is very high, such as meeting rooms, restaurants.
  • Weekly storage usage Follow up at the green hotel.
  • Technology education. To reduce power consumption and choose the standard equipment No. 5 and save energy, such as LED lamps, air conditioning VRV / VRF.
  • Energy Consumption Activities in Establishments
  • Bicycle Policy Reduce the use of motorcycles and travel simultaneously by shuttle bus.
  • Promotes the use of natural extracts to deodorize. Insecticides or cleaning of the premises, which must be certified by the environment.
  • Bring plants planted in place. Come decorate To reduce the use of fresh flowers. And reduce the use of foam materials.